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Content Submission Requirements

  1. Overview

    Before you begin

    All submitted content must be fully owned by you,and only you. You must have the complete rights to the content in order to submit it. If there is evidence that you have violated this, we reserve the right to terminate your account.

    The most important things to consider before uploading

    • Make sure you own the complete rights to the content, including any necessary releases (see more below).
    • Ask yourself: would someone purchase this content for commercial use?
    • Only submit your best work. The more professional, intentional, and organized your portfolio, the more attractive it is to a customer.

    Accepted Content Types

    • Video Footage
    • Animations
    • Backgrounds
    • Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion templates
    • Photos
    • Illustrations
    • Vectors
    • Music

    Visual Requirements

    All content must be of high quality and ready to be incorporated for commercial use. We will not accept low quality or unusable content (i.e. iphone footage, low light, distorted or blurred content).

    Please Do Not

    • Embed your own watermark or copyright onto your content.
    • Submit the same content in multiple formats or resolutions. For example, 4K footage will be automatically encoded into an additional 1920x1080 HD
    • version so there is no need to upload both the 4K and HD resolution.
    • Include audio in your content, unless it is:
  2. Technical Requirements

    All of the content you upload must meet the following technical criteria.

    Footage Requirements

    • HD footage must be submitted as an MOV file.
    • 4K footage may be submitted as an MOV or MP4. Note:
    • We do not accept interlaced footage.

    Accepted Resolutions

    • 1280 x 720 (HD)
    • 1920 x 1080 (HD)
    • 3840 x 2160 (4K)
    • 4096 x 2160 (4K)
    • 4096 x 2304 (4K)

    Accepted Frame Rates

    • 23.98
    • 24
    • 25
    • 29.97
    • 30
    • 48
    • 50
    • 59.94
    • 60

    Accepted Codecs

    • Photo-JPEG (quality level between 75 and 90)
    • MJPEG
    • Motion JPEG A
    • Motion JPEG B
    • Apple ProRes 422
    • Apple ProRes 4444
    • DNxHD
    • H.264 (minimum bitrate of 50,000 kbps)
    • Files with alpha channels must use Animation or PNG codec.

    Accepted file sizes

    • HD: ≤ 4 GB
    • 4K: ≤ 6 GB
    • Templates: ≤ 2 GB

    360° Footage Requirements

    Accepted Resolutions

    • Min. height 960 pixels
    • Max. height 4096 pixels

    Accepted Aspect Ratios

    • Monoscopic
      • 4:1
      • 2:1
      • 1:1
    • Steroscopic
      • 4:1
      • 1:1

    Accepted Frame Rates

    • 23.98
    • 24
    • 25
    • 29.97
    • 30
    • 48
    • 50
    • 59.94
    • 60

    Accepted file size

    • ≤ 25 GB

    Accepted Codecs

    • H.264
    • H.265 (HEVC)
    • Cineform
    • Apple ProRes

    Accepted file formats

    • MOV
    • MP4

    Template Formatting Requirements

    You must have the complete rights to all files, elements, and content submitted for a template project. If you are including third party assets in your project file, you must have distribution rights from a commercial or exclusive license. You may include any additional media assets that you have created yourself, such as music, artwork, photos, or video.

    We do not accept preview files with watermarked audio or visual elements branded for other companies.

    Upload a template as a zip file. The root folder must contain at least one .aep or .motn file, and exactly one video preview file (this will be used to encode the previews on the site). See the image below for a template folder structure.


    The preview file must be encoded at the same frame rate as the project. You may encode the preview file at a minimum resolution of 640x360. You may use third party assets in your preview file, such as music, artwork, photos, or video.


    You can download a Clips Garage logo to be used in your preview files.

    Accepted Plug-ins

    • Trapcode Suite (Mir, Shine, Particular, Form, Lux, Echospace, 3D Stroke, Sound Keys, Horizon, Glow)
    • Element 3D
    • Optical Flares
    • Twitch

    Video Copilot's License Agreement prohibits Element 3D, Optical Flares, or Twitch from being pre-rendered into stock media.

    Photo and Illustration Requirements

    Accepted File Size

    • < 50MB

    Accepted Color Profile

    • Photo: RGB, AdobeRGB or sRGB
    • Illustration: RGB (RGBA)

    Minimum Dimensions

    • 1600px shortest side

    Minimum Megapixels

    • 4MP


    • Photo: Not Required
    • Illustration: PNG files must contain transparency

    Vector Requirements

    Accepted File Formats

    • EPS (compatible with Adobe Illustrator 8 or higher)
    • Must include JPEG with matching filename

    Accepted File Size

    • < 50MB

    Accepted Color Profile

    • RGB, AdobeRGB, sRGB, RGBA or CMYK
  3. Metadata Submission Requirements

    Please have ALL tagged and descriptive information about each file in a .CSV format. Example below.

    Each file must include:

    • File number
    • Duration
    • Format
    • File Size
    • Keywords (minimum 6)
    • Codecs
    • Your FULL name
    • Content Description
    • Dimensions
  4. Releases

    Any content that depicts an identifiable person (image or voice) must include a model release. Any content that includes an identifiable property (such as a trademark or privately owned building or object) must include a property release.

    The exception to these requirements is when the content meets our editorial standards.

    Uploading releases

    Upload releases to our platform and attach them to the corresponding file(s), either by using the web interface or by applying a CSV. Releases are accepted in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format. Make sure you identify your release types accurately by describing if this is a property, brand, or model release.

  5. Sensitive Content

    We strive to provide high quality content to our customers and to curate a collection that meets the needs of our wide customer base. Accordingly, we reserve the right to reject content which can be considered ‘graphic’ or ‘inappropriate’. This content can include but is not limited to content containing genitalia, pornography, sexually explicit content, acts of physical harm being performed to or by humans (not including obviously simulated harm or live sports), or acts of physical harm being performed by humans to animals. Content of this nature will be rejected.

    Content containing ‘sensitive’ themes or images not suitable for our general audience may be flagged as ‘sensitive’ and will be labeled on the site.* This content can include but is not limited to nudity (with artistic value or otherwise), sexually suggestive material (e.g. woman in lingerie dancing), suggestive violence or gore (e.g. footage of surgery). With content containing nudity, the model must be 25 years of age and the release will need to include a copy of photo identification of the model.

    *Our sensitive content filter is currently in development and anything labeled ‘sensitive’ will not be published to the site until the filter is active.

If you have any questions as it pertains to the submissions process,
please contact:

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